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The mastering process has always been one of the most important steps in audio engineering, but it’s now more crucial and valuable than ever before.

We have upgraded the classic mastering service into a new, powerful, productive process. With the help of continuously upgraded technologies and knowledge, we are always trying new sound techniques while keeping some fundamental principles, such as dynamics and clarity, in mind.

Stereo Mastering:

This is a mastering process in which one stereo file is used per song and it is the typical way to master a project or an album. During this process, we implement equalisation, dynamic processing, distortion, stereo imaging and limiting. This results in one high-quality stereo audio file ready for distribution.

The stereo mastering service can also be used for your dj set, or live recording.

Stem Mixing & Mastering:

This is a mastering process in which multiple instrument groups, which are also known as stems, are used. Each stem contains multiple instruments of a similar nature (e.g. synths, drums, percussions, effects, etc.), and a track usually consists of 4-8 stems or instrument groups.

When mastered, each stem is processed separately before all the stems are combined into one stereo output.

As part of the mastering we process frequencies, dynamics and harmonics as well as do transient processing, stereo imaging and limiting.

This results in one high-quality stereo file ready for distribution.


The benefits of stem mastering can also be used for your live performance. By using this mastering process, you will always have the same control over the sound quality, levels and dynamics whether in the studio or for a live performance.

We also offer a trial service. Send us a finished stereo mix and we will send you a 1 to 2 minute sample that has been mastered at no extra cost.


Send your tracks in the highest quality.

We recommend a minimum of 44Hz / 24bit.

For DAW mixdown-stems, please send it at a rate of 32bits.

The track and stem volume must be at least at -4db peak with no compression or limiter on the groups or master out.

Also, please send any relevant information and reference including the artist, track, album and EP.